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Sarah Killian

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Sarah Killian-Serial Killer for Hire by Mark Sheldon
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 29th July 2016

reviewer: Yvonne Davies

The story is about a professional serial killer or PSK called Sarah Killian, she works for an organisation called THEM an organisation that uses serial killers to wipe out problems. Sarah is a very independent woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family and became a serial killer before she was recruited by THEM. The mission that she gets sent on makes her uncomfortable from the start, as for the first time she is paired up with Bethany, a newbie who is an annoying chatterbox. You can tell straight away that she is going to drive Sarah mad. Zeke her boss knows this and I personally think he enjoys winding Sarah up but will not change his decision. For the mission they have to go undercover as teachers, as the target is in a school. Sarah had to learn to adjust to be sweet and innocent curbing her swearing whilst keeping her cool with the Bethany
I really enjoyed this story as although I have read other stories about serial killers, they tend to concentrate on their target, but this book was different, yes they have a mission but the main story is about why Sarah and Bethany had to be paired for the mission. There was quite a bit of comedy in the book and some of the abbreviations brought a smile to my face. Sarah grew on me the more I read as at the start she was your typical bolshie female but later on in the book you find out some of her reasons for doing this type of work and that she did have a heart. Her coping mechanism to stop her killing anyone who wasn’t a target was funny; I didn’t think a cuddly toy could be used for that.
The story ended in a slight cliff hanger and I hope I do not have to wait too long for book 2.

Trying to Be so Quiet

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Trying to be so Quiet by James Everington
Published by Boo Books on 12th July 2016s
52 pages

Reviewer: Yvonne Davies


This story is about a man who has recently lost his wife Lizzie from Cancer, set over a couple of months after her death; it follows his life whilst he comes to terms with his loss.
This book is described as a ghost story, but the way the author has written this book, I think it is more than a ghost story. It is a story about bereavement and how the main character tries and gets on with his life. Whilst you are reading this book you really identify with the main character and you can feel his pain whilst he tries to just survive.

Throughout the house there are memories and he thinks that he is seeing Lizzie, is it a ghost or is it his grief playing tricks? Cracks appear in the house again; I felt that it was the cracks appearing in his life. I enjoyed how the author took him back to Oxford where he reminisced about where they met and were happier. This was the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. Although this is a short story there was so much packed in to the story it made a quick read, and you will  be lost in the story. Whilst you are reading, this have some tissues nearby because you will shed a tear at the raw grief.

A must read, it was wonderful


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Author: Ricky Fleet
Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing

release date 31st December 2015
Page Count: 314 Pages
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies
I came across this book as a recommendation from another author, and I am so glad that I bought it.
The story is about a regular family just like you and I. Kurt the father has just finished work and sees a sight that is just not right. From that moment it is a case of getting his family and surviving. On the way he gets some extra members to the group, including Braiden that has bullied his son Sam all the way through school and a semi-retired teacher Gloria or Mrs Blume to her pupils.
What I loved about this book was that as regular family that had no survival training but through working as a team they learn how to survive. Using everyday items they come up with ingenious ways to kill the zombies and to get on with everyday tasks. The back stories involving the secondary characters really help tell the story and as a mother my heart went out to Braiden when I find out why he bullies Sam, and it doesn’t take Sarah long to start forgiving Braiden for what he has done to her son. The relationship between Kurt and his dad is a bit tense but again the author does a great job explaining the reasons. Now what can I say about Mrs Blume, I bet we all had a teacher like that at school, but what I loved, when the time came to survive she wasn’t your prim and proper elderly lady, and she is my favourite character.
Yes this book is about zombies but it is so much more, it about families, love and survival. This is so well written that I did not want this book to finish and I have downloaded book 2 to continuing with this family’s journey, Full of action and fast paced a must for zombie lovers

Blood Kiss

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The Black Dagger Legacy
Author: J R Ward
Publisher: Orbit Books
Release date: 2nd June 2016
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin



I’m not new to JR Ward but I am new to the Brotherhood series; which did not remotely impede my enjoyment of this latest installment. It starts with Paradise, blooded daughter of the King’s First Advisor, living in a patriarchal society where, as a high born lady, she is expected to follow a particular course in life. But Paradise wants to escape the restrictions of her upbringing so her answer is to apply to join the Black Dagger Brotherhood training centre programme. But this is no simple task. She must fight figuratively, and literally, for her new place in life.
The initial application programme is gruelling, but amidst the physical and emotional trials she must face, Paradise finds herself drawn to fellow applicant Craeg; handsome, strong, smart and distant. But he can’t resist the lure of Paradise, despite initially dismissing her as a ‘dumb blonde’.
As the training programme progresses we get to know the other applicants; Paradise’s best friend and joker Peyton, fiercely independent and liberal female Novo, and head trainer Butch aka, The Dhestroyer, who has emotional troubles of his own. His mate Marissa who works at Safe Place (a domestic abuse refuge) is traumatised by the brutal murder of a young woman, and Butch is intent on helping her find out who the woman was and why she was killed.
What I expected, on reading the blurb, was an easygoing straightforward read, a dash of romance, a hint of humour, a lot of sex and a shedload of blood and violence.
Well, I got all of that and so much more. The relationships are real, the characterisations solid, the narrative laced with humour, sensibilities and a lots of social commentary. Though the war and past battles are talked of in retrospect, the impact on the society are obvious, with many combatants and survivors suffering PTSD. All of the issues in the novel (domestic abuse, loss, status and reputation) are dealt with in a compassionate but exploratory manner. It makes for a book full of depth, and integrity. Both an enjoyable read, hot and steamy where needed and immense fun. I’m definitely interested in the series as a whole and want to read more about the other characters, particularly Lassiter.
In short, this was an absolute blast.

Zombie Zero

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Zombie Zero

Author: JK Norry
Published by Sudden Insight Publishing

Release date: 1st July 2016
Page count; 186 Pages


When you start reading this story, you think that it is another zombie story involving the military, but you will be very much mistaken. The main characters Professor Mallory, his daughter Elayna and 3 students Maya, Todd and Allen have all been invited to investigate a newly discovered chamber in one of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Whilst investigating the chamber Maya comes across a sarcophagus which turns her into Zombie Zero, she quickly turns the rest of the group into zombies and gives them instructions on how to take over the world.
The majority of this book was written from the zombies’ point of view and it was a pleasant change. Also the zombies were not your usual shuffling groaning sort, they were intelligent, they had a game plan, and some even had a conscious and were trying to fight the hunger. The remainder of the story was about the humans trying to survive.
Before you start the story take time to read the acknowledgement, the author has used quite a few Indie Authors as characters and if like me you love the indie world you will recognise them or even find a new one to read.
I was shocked to read that this was the author’s first zombie book and I hope it will not be his last