The Final Cut

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The Final Cut by Jasper Bark
Published Crystal Lake Publishing on 27 May 2016
Page Count:206
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies
Rating: *****







This book has action from page one. Jimmy and Sam owe a loan shark quite a lot of money. To persuade them to pay they are forced to watch a snuff film. Ending up with the footage, they decide to make a horror films using clips of the actual film.
At the auditions they meet Melissa, who bearing an uncanny resemblance to the torture victim gets hired to play the lead role. Playing on Jimmy’s grief she seeks him out to help her. From that moment Jimmy is drawn into the dark scenes of London and ending up in the ancient civilisation of Mesopotamia.
The way this book is written you feel that you are with Jimmy throughout his whole journey especially when he is watching the snuff film, the scenes are described in detail and there are some moments that I did cringe. The history of the ancient civilisation in Urak and a man called Isimud is used to explain the reason for Melissa and snuff film.
This is a must read for any horror fan and as it is action-packed, it makes it a quick read. This is the first book I have read that was written by Jasper Bark but it will not be the last.

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