A Family War: The Oligarchy – Book 1

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A Family War: The Oligarchy by Stewart Hotston
Publisher: Alternative Realities on 11th May 2016
Page Count: 355
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

family war

Helena is from a group of people called the Oligarchs who look like humans but are genetically modified to make them better, stronger than regular humans. This book begins as Helena and another group: the Indexiv are in discussions about the pending world war. Helena’s role was as a diplomat, as the talks break up she knows that there was no hope to stop the pending war.  On the way back to her ship she gets orders to find a boy who can save the planet. Not knowing who to trust, she relies on her AIs, nanomachines and the human need to survive.

This book is full of action and even has a few surprises thrown in. All I will say is that Helena has some unexpected help. This story has been written with great imagination and the pace of the book is just right. Helena is a very strong female character and I felt that she got stronger as the story continued.

This is a really good start to the trilogy and I am curious where the author will take us in book 2.

This is a must read for sci-fi and technology lovers.

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