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Rowankind Book One
Author: Jacey Bedford
Publisher: DAW Books
Page count: 424pp
Release date: 2 Feb 2016
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

The year is 1800. Mad King George is on the throne. Rossalinde returns to Plymouth after seven years of sailing the seas as a privateer. Her mother is dying, but even on her deathbed she still calls her daughter a pirate’s whore, and won’t forgive her for her elopement. But she does leave her one gift; a small box of ensorcelled Winterwood, alive with promise. And Rossalinde needs to keep it safe, as magic is licensed by the Mysterium.
Rossalinde is a strong female character, not because she wears men’s clothes, fights or uses magic, though these are all an integral part of her character. She is strong because of her attitudes, her empathy for those abused or in need, her reliance and her fortitude. 
Amidst the adventure is the story of the rowankind, who are bonded to families for life, much like slavery. This anology is explored in depth, so as well as getting, Pirates, magic and pulse-pounding adventure, you get lots of buckle for your swash and morality to boot!
Bedford is a gifted storyteller, an experienced Milford organiser and participant, who can turn her hand to multiple genres with skill and depth. Her expertise in writing is apparent throughout the novel, which is crisply written, easy to engage with and vibrant with its descriptions and environment. The end promises much for the future of the rowankind and I can’t wait to read what happens to everyone in book two; Silver Wolf, out 2017. Piratical Perfection!

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