Blaze of Magic

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A Blaze of Magic by JL Clayton
Published 29th December 2014 by Outskirts Press Inc
272 pages
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

This is the 2nd book in the Chosen Saga series. If like me you have read book 1, reading this will answer quite a few of your questions.
The story concentrates on Charlie and her upcoming birthday. Charlie and Jace with their Guardians take a trip to Callamose, a magical place where as a small girl Charlie would go there with her parents. To get there they must travel via leylines, which can be hard to master.
When she arrives she meets member of the council including Jace’s real parents, a Dragon shape shifter called Zeb and their leader Eli.
As her 16th birthday arrives Charlie gets given powers and finds out that she is the chosen one and has a much bigger task ahead. Along with her powers she also gets her memories of Callamose back, explaining why she has a close relationship with Jace.
Unbeknownst to them someone is plotting against them and working very close with Crispin, who is still stalking Charlie in her dreams.
Whilst kidnapped with other supernaturals, Charlie really needs to learn her powers quickly so she and the others can escape. To add to the confusion, she is introduced to a gorgeous vampire who has an attraction to her.
This a fast past book and is supernatural overload. There are twists in this book which were not expected and you will have a tear in your eye when you are nearing the end of the book.
What is a pleasant change is that unlike most books Charlie although gets her powers, hasn’t a clue how to use them and there are some comical moments whilst she is learning, especially the amount of times she looses her clothes.
If you were a Tru or Jace fan in book one,you may change your mind when you are introduced to the other guys.
Now time to read book 3

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