A Ghost of Magic

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A Ghost of Magic by JL Clayton
Published 30th December 2015
208 pages

The third book in The Chosen Saga and I was surprised where this story took me.
Following on smoothly from book 2, Cris aka Crispin joins Charlie’s school and slowly worms himself into her life. When Kate kidnaps Nikko, everyone including Cris jump into action to try and save him. Going to the fairy realm Charlie has to take a number of tests to get permission to use the portal to rescue Nikko.
Throughout this book I wanted Charlie to open her eyes and realise that Cris was the traveller. Each test was more intense then the last one and you wonder how Charlie could cope with anymore. Asher is his usual sexy cheeky self and Crispin is getting creepier as the story progressed.
The decision she had to make near the end of the book was heart wrenching and the cliffhanger was……….what a shocker
All I can say is I’m dying to know what will happen next

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