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Matthew W Harrill
Published by CreateSpace independent publishing on 30 May 2014
352 pages

I was lucky to win this book from the author
Eva a psychologist works for a mental hospital for the criminally insane. Everyday she treats people with evil sadistic minds but even with all this knowledge it still does not make her prepared for what she finds when she goes home. You see her husband has gone mad and is trying to keep her a prisoner in her own home by boarding the windows. In a moment of chance she manages to escape and armed with cash and a suitcase of clothes, she finds herself in a hotel room. Whilst going out for a drink to relieve the days stress, she bumps in to Madden. They share a moment of passion but then she forgets. You see Madden is a hellbounce, who in Jamaica was involved in a car chase with the police that went wrong. From this 1st meeting their adventure begins, but who can she trust.
This book has everything you want in a story, action good v evil, love and horror. They are back stories through out the book which explains the evil of the places that Eva and Madden visit These places are cities in the world and have been researched excellently. Whilst reading this book you are transported around the world
The relationships between the characters help explain the story and this is one book you will not want to put down. The build up to the finale is dramatic and there a members of the group that will surprise you to the end of this book.
If you love horror or supernatural stories then is a must read. This book is one of a series and I know if you read this then you will not be disappointed. I know that I have a favourite book couple so roll on book 2
To add to the book there is a brilliant trailer which was created by the author’s talented son. He is the link so take a look and please subscribe to his channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_tBpqjAgDg&sns=em

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