Memories of a Ghost

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Author: Joe DeRouen
Publisher: Small Things Press
Page count: 400 pp

Release date: 26th May 2015

Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

I was lucky enough to win this book from Joe DeRouen at a fun Halloween Facebook event.
If you think this is your standard ghost story, then think again!
The book introduces you to Claire, who, whilst having a pregnancy scan, loses her memory. At this stage the reader isn’t sure why.

Throughout this book you get to know about her life, and the relationship with her abusive husband, and her best friend Lessie, who happens to be a doctor. Thrown into the story are two teenagers, a geek named Farris and a popular girl Sabrina, who with the help of her zombie dad join up with Claire to battle against magical bounty hunters Mr Kingfisher and Mr Quarry. They have been hired to find Connor West. Just who, and where Connor West is, well you just have to read the book.
The characters are believable and whilst you are reading this book you will catch yourself exclaiming “oh no!” quite a lot. Each character’s storyline gets you to understand the bigger picture. Yes, at the beginning you think to yourself “how does this all connect?”, but as you carry on reading it, it all clicks into place.

The ending was a nice surprise and competed this book. The way the novel is written, immerses the reader; you feel that you are there, but do you really want to be? Think of the Apocalypse, with its mixture of action and supernatural and this is a must read book.

Get this book now! You will not be disappointed.

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