Snowblind - Archieved Post

December 22, 2015 - 4:14 am No Comments

Author: Christopher Golden

Ella Santos stands on the sidewalk contemplating the storm that is raging through her town of Coventry; as a restaurant owner snow days were bad days for business. Ella was thirty two, single, and knew no one would be waiting for her back at home, whereas her bartender Ben Hemming had a pretty wife and a baby to go home to. At the end of her LNG day at The Vault, Ella settles down for a quiet drink listening to regular TJ playing something soothing on his guitar. The various residents of Coventry are all set up to deal with the blizzard, at least until the power goes out. For Joe Keenan it’s a night of call after call as the power lines go down and people go missing. And there is something in the snow that wants the residents. Then twelve years later with eighteen dead, it starts to snow again. As the townsfolk start to die or disappear the tension in the town is steadily rising and with its background of a snow blizzard, you can almost feel the chill and the icy death in every sentence. Coventry is a ghost town, but not in the traditional sense; it is town filled with ghosts of death and fear as the residents panic every time there’s another snow blizzard. As Keenan searches for a missing child, an orphans who’s parents have died in a car crash during the blizzard 12 years later, tensions rise even more across the police department and the town. And things get worse when some of the residents start acting strangely.
There is definitely at mystery at the heart of this horror novel, and although it’s slow going at times, as Golden attempts to explore the psyches of the various townsfolk, the tension is palpable. The snowy atmosphere is built gradually through the novel and pervades the text echoing the sense of loss. It is a solid new horror novel from Golden, who is departing from his normal Urban Fantasy work, and whilst not my favourite novel of his, it is a very entertaining read, if a little grim.

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