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PC Peter Grant (Book 5)
Author: Ben Aaronovitch
Publisher: Gollancz
Page Count: 384pp
Paperback release date: 9th July 2015

For those unfamiliar with this fantastic series, PC Peter Grant is a mixed race made in his mid twenties who made his literary debut in ‘Rivers of London’. In the first novel, Peter is recruited by Nightingale to become Britain’s most junior wizardNon the Folly, investigating supernatural crimes. Peter is pulled away from London to Herefordshire when two young girls go missing. His job is to find out if any wizards or other supernatural creatures are involved. The ulterior motive behind Nightingale sending Peter to Rushpool is to get him away from London where he is moping following the events with Lesley in the previous book. Of course, in between his investigation, he gets to spend time with the bubbling Beverley Brook, a river deity, meet the locals and partake of lots of local cider. I do wonder how much research Mr Aaronovitch was forced to endure (ahem). Part police procedural, part magic, part blistering humour, this fifth instalment in the Rivers of London series does not disappoint. Peter Grant is an eminently likeable chap, with a very wry sense of humour and an acute observational eye when it comes to humanity. The story itself is intriguing with a solid mystery at its heart and it rattles along at a steady pace, whilst still allowing Peter time to enjoy the country life. It’s certainly a refreshing new angle to take as the other books are set in the city. This is a great, gritty and whimsical read. 5/5 stars

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