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Esther Diamond Book 7
Author: Laura Resnick
Publisher: DAW
Page count: 328
Release date: 25th Nov 2014
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Within hours of the action in The Misfortune Cookie, this seventh instalment in the hectic life of Esther Diamond picks up where the previous novel left off. It’s Chinese New Year in NY Chinatown; its blustery, slushy and Esther is jobless yet again after Indie flick ABC has closed down filming. Esther has just survived another dose of supernatural mayhem, when she gets a call from John Chen from his family’s funeral parlour, telling her that one of the corpses has climbed out of its coffin and walked a few steps before collapsing in a heap. So Esther, ancient Mage Max and familiar/gigantic dog Nelli are called in to investigate.
Particularly suspicious is the fact that the funeral home received a visit from Detective Lopez’s new partner, Detective Quinn. Last time Esther saw Quinn, the normally gentle and docile Nelli went the doggy equivalent of ballistic.
Intent on protecting her on/off/on again boyfriend, Esther, who is reprising her role as Jilly C Note on cop show Dirty 30, convinces a fellow actor to jobshadow Lopez to keep an eye on Quinn. She is convinced he has something to do with the spate of bad luck Lopez is experiencing and the sudden mobility of dead bodies.
As always, these books are refreshing, fun and easy to read. Esther is an incredibly likeable heroine who though sassy, isn’t your stereotypical Urban Fantasy leather-clad heroine. She’s trouble, she’s chaos and she’s oftentimes inept, stumbling through supernatural shenanigans but coming out on top through her natural smarts. Her turbulent relationship with Lopez also makes for interesting reading. The Daniel Dos Santos cover, as usual is great fun, vibrant and captures the essence of Esther. I can’t wait to see what the next cover looks like.
As for the next novel itself? Well, this one ends on a helluva cliffhanger so it’s sure to be a thrill and a half.
5/5 stars

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