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Rosemary and Rue (Toby Daye Book 1)
Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: DAW
Release date: 2009
Page count: 346pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

October (Toby) Daye is a changeling – half human half fae and a knight of the Summerland Court. Things get a little fishy for Toby when she’s tailing Simon Torquill, twin brother of her liege Sylvester Torquill. And by fishy, I’m being literal; no fancy metaphors here. Simon uses his power to turn Toby into a fish where she flounders in a pond for fourteen years until the spell breaks and she is found naked, disoriented the apparent victim of an attack.
When she tells the police who she is they are in uproar at her for impersonating a dead woman. So she has no choice but to retain a human disguise and work the night shift at the local Safeway, dealing with the loss of her partner Cliff and daughter Gillian who wants nothing to do with her after she reappears fourteen years later.
Toby can’t ignore Faerie much longer when her friend Countess Evening Winterrose phones her, in trouble and sounding scared. And she is on the case before she can blink.
Blending magic, fae mythology and the sprawling city of San Francisco, McGuire puts the ‘urban’ and ‘fantasy’ in equal measure back into this busting-at-the-seams genre. It is at times over saturated but McGuire’s combination of a truly sassy, likeable female hero, her supporting cast, and the murder mystery elements make this book stand above the rest. It is written with a wonderful wry sense of humour and Toby has to deal with attempts on her life as well as attempts on her chastity by ex lover Devin, whilst building up a whole host of debts to various fae including the annoying, yet alluring Tybalt, Cait Sidhe and King of Cats.
The initial murder mystery is wrapped up nicely by the end but the book does leave lots of questions open for the following book. A rollicking good read.

A Local Habitation (Toby Daye Book 2)
Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: DAW
Release date: 2010
Page count:
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

After the events of book one, this novel starts off quite light hearted as Toby totters home drunk after a night out with the girls, running into the ever delicious King Cat Tybalt. Letting him carry her home drunk is a mistake he may never let her forget.
Her hangover is interrupted by the arrival of her liege Sylvester who orders her to go to Fremont California to look after his niece, January and check on her, as she’s been quiet for a few weeks.
When she arrives their with page Quentin, things are a little weird at ALH Computing and it’s clear January is hiding something. But the mystery doesn’t interfere with Toby stealing a kiss or two from cute changeling Alex. Of course, things are bound to get hectic, and it isn’t long before bloodied bodies are turning up all over the place and Toby is in the middle of a murder investigation, the closest thing Faerie has to a medical examiner or forensics team.
Once again McGuire delivers with a strong female hero, a diverse set of characters, lots of humour, adventure, intrigue and magic.
This series is becoming addictive with each installment. Great stuff.

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