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Not everyone is born innocent.
A generation of defective children were abandoned. They grew up on the fringes, without rights, without a way to change their fate.
Journalist Kenton Hicks is driven to tell their stories, but these are not stories everyone wants told. As he digs deeper, he finds that the discovery of the criminal gene, the foundation of their crime-free utopia, isn’t quite the salvation it promised to be.
Armed with a book that could bring down the government, Kenton finds the country’s future in his hands.
Some see him as a saviour, others as a traitor. It’s time for him to choose which he will become.

This Book Cannot Bring Down a Government – But it is the Story of One That Can
Originally written as a stageplay five years ago, Cutting the Bloodline is the début novella from British horror and fantasy author Angeline Trevena.
Released on Kindle on May 12th, this adult dystopian thriller follows magazine journalist Kenton Hicks as he sets out to change the world.
Cutting the Bloodline is set in a future Britain where people are tested for the criminal gene, where carriers are outcast, and babies testing positive are aborted. Kenton simply wants to gather the stories of those who have suffered, but as his book gathers pace, and he investigates further, he finds that the crime free-utopia they enjoy was sold to them on a lie.
While the government fight to protect that lie, there are others determined to expose it, by whatever means. Kenton finds himself pulled between everyone else’s agenda, while his own motivations start to become a little confused. But his book has the power to start a civil war, and he needs to figure out who’s on his side.
Tony Benson, author of dystopian thriller, An Accident of Birth, said “Cutting The Bloodline is a vivid portrayal of a scarily real future, and the man who risks his life to expose the truth. Insightful, original, imaginative, and a great read.”

You can buy the book from Amazon here, and you can visit Angelne’s website at

The following is a excerpt from Cutting the Bloodline:

Cutting the Bloodline 800
Angeline Trevena 800

Expecting bad news didn’t make it any easier to hear. Kenton pocketed his phone and shook his head, trying to push the call to the back of his mind. He couldn’t deal with family issues right now.

He pressed the bell, and the scanner below it flashed red. He pulled back his sleeve and waved his ID bracelet across it. He was still avoiding upgrading to the implant.

The door opened and the officer tipped his head, inviting Kenton inside. As he ducked through the doorway, the blue lights of the scanner ran over him; head to toe and back up again.

The officer held out his hand.

“No mobile phones. No recording devices.”

Kenton grimaced and handed them over. He’d have to do the interview old school.

“Mr Hicks, I presume.”

Kenton nodded. “That’s me.”

The officer huffed, and hitched his trousers back up to his broad stomach. His belt was so heavy with scanners and weapons, it threatened to drop his trousers to his ankles. He pointed to a row of steel chairs.

“Someone will come for you.” He ran his eyes over Kenton, tutted, and pulled the entrance door closed.

“Everyone knows what you’re doing, and why you’re here. They aren’t happy about it.” He huffed. “Things are working just fine, and no one needs you shoving your nose in.”

Kenton nodded. He hadn’t expected to get a warm welcome.

He slipped his hand into his jacket pocket and wrapped his fingers around his pen. It had run out of ink years ago, but he always carried it for luck. It was a novelty pen; one with a clothed woman who became naked when you tipped it. His dad had given it to him the day he graduated. He had always considered a journalism degree a waste of time, and the pen had been a symbol of his disapproval. A way to make a fool out of his son.

“Get a trade,” he had always said. “A real man’s job. There’s always work for real men.” Two years later, he’d been made redundant when they replaced him with an automated machine.

“Mr Hicks?”

Kenton looked up at the female officer. She raised her eyebrows with a look of impatience.

Kenton stood, stumbling as his foot caught against the chair leg. “Er..yes.”

She looked him up and down and gave a tiny shake of her head.

“Follow me.” Before she’d finished speaking, she had already turned and started to walk away.

Kenton jogged to catch up to her.

She spoke as she walked, never once looking at him. “Do not give anything to the patient, do not accept anything from the patient. Do not touch the patient, do not allow the patient to touch you. Should you wish to leave, at any time, simply stand, collect all of your belongings, walk calmly to the door, and you will be escorted out.”

She stopped and Kenton had to side step to avoid bumping into her. She gestured to the open door in front of her.

“There is also a panic button should you need it. If you do press it, make sure that you move clear of the door.”

Angeline Trevena was born and bred in a rural corner of Devon, but now lives among the breweries and canals of central England. She is a horror and fantasy writer, poet and journalist.
In 2003 she graduated from Edge Hill University, Lancashire, with a BA Hons degree in Drama and Writing. During this time she decided that her future lay in writing words rather than performing them.
The most unlikely of horror writers, Angeline is scared of just about everything, and still can’t sleep in a fully dark room. She goes weak at the sight of blood, can’t share a room with a spider, but does have a streak of evil in her somewhere.
Some years ago she worked at an antique auction house and religiously checked every wardrobe that came in to see if Narnia was in the back of it. She’s still not given up looking for it.

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