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Walker Papers Book 1
Author: C E Murphy
Publisher: Luna Press
Release Date:
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

“An announcement of impending death sure could take a girl’s appetite away.”
And that’s exactly what Joanne Walker (Walkingstick) is about to face. Part Native American, part Irish, Joanne is returning from her mother’s funeral in Dublin, when from the plane window she spots a woman running, being chased by a man and a pack of dogs. Desperate to find out what’s going on, Jo gets off the plane, dives in a taxi and with Gary the taxi driver, finds the church she saw the woman fleeing towards. The woman is Marie a mystical banshee/fae creature who is on the run from The Wild Hunt and an immortal God, and she needs Jo’s help. But just as she tells Jo the help she needs, she sees something that scares her. She can see when someone is going to die, and right now she sees Jo’s death on the cards.
It turns out that Jo is a Shaman; a healer and protector and it’s her job to find out why five people have been murdered in similar ways.
This book is the poster child for diversity: as well as Jo’s own mixed race heritage, one of her partners on the police force Billy, is a cross dressing detective.
There are some editorial issues with this novel, which jar a little as you’re reading but don’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. Written in the first person, the tone is playful but also very personal and immediate, delivered in what C E Murphy herself calls “first person snark”, which probably gives you an idea of what to expect here.
Some of the more esoteric scenes go on a little bit longer and are imbued with an overwrought sense of the dramatic, but again, as a first book in this series it’s certainly worth a try as Jo’s antagonistic love/hate relationship with boss Morrison, her burgeoning magic and her buddy relationship with taxi driver Gary who can’t resist being pulled into the mystery adds extra dimensions to the book. I’d possibly rate this at 7/10. Good, but I expect improvements in the next book.


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