Pocket Apocalypse - Archieved Post

April 14, 2015 - 5:32 pm No Comments

Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: DAW
Release date: 3rd March 2015
Page count: 352pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

The fourth novel in the Incryptid series, Pocket Apocalypse kicks off seven years earlier when Verity’s brother Alex Price (aged 19) battles werewolves. And boy, does he detest those buggers. So when girlfriend Shelby Tanner says her family in Australia is in danger from werewolves, Alex begrudgingly agrees to go Down Under with her. Coming on the trip with Alex are six Aeslin mice (talking pantheistic rodents that worship Alex’s family as gods) though he does have to leave behind his pet griffin.
Filled with McGuire’s usual wit, pace and fun, Pocket Apocalypse proves that the Incryptid series can go ever on gaining strength with every instalment. As well as hunting werewolves which are highly infectious, Alex has to fight a battle of wills with Shelby’s father Riley, who has a problem with anyone bold enough to date his girl. He also gets to meet her mother Charlotte and her two intimidating sisters, Gabby and Raina, who challenge him in every which way.
Alex is an engaging personality and the bond he shares with Shelby, a strong, vibrant female protagonist, is palpable. The novel also deals with racism and prejudices as the Tanners do not involve non human cryptids in their world, treating them as less than human and certainly not equals. Shelby, who grew up in that world, has changed since her stay in America and getting to know Alex and his family, so she attempts to change their old fashioned views. Alex also faces prejudice as ‘Covenant Boy’. Although his family left the brutal Covenant generations ago, he still retains the stigma that the Thirty Six Society of Australia hold against him.
There are a whole host of enjoyable characters in this book, and the wild setting adds to the sense of danger. Another brilliant Incryptid book.

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