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Men of the Otherworld
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Orbit
Release date: 29 Jan 2009
Page count: 369pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

I’m currently watching the Armstrong produced series Bitten, based on the Women of the Otherworld book series. Season one kicked off with an introduction to Elena Michaels and her relationship with Clay Danvers, as well as a glimpse into how they met at University with Clay seeking a PA. In series two of Bitten we get a further glimpse into Clay’s history with flashbacks of him as a child. From Clay to Antonio, to Malclom and Jeremy, the Men of the Otherworld are fascinating, so I was looking forward to finding out more about them. Best of all, the proceeds from this collection go to Workd Literacy of Canada, a worthy cause.
The collection starts with ‘Infusion, 1946’ in which Dominic has a newborn baby son Antonio. Here we find out more about Malcolm’s motivation behind his desire to be Alpha and succeed. He’s also desperate for a child, so starts to woo the Japanese serving girl at Vinnie’s bar, hesitant partly because of associations with Pearl Harbour. After a night of unbridled passion, Malclom follows the girl, just in case she has given him a boy. Father a son and you must claim him for the Pack.
The next story jumps to 1967, ‘Savage’. Young Clay is wandering the woods if Baton Rouge on his own at night. He’s been following a man he knows us a werewolf and decides he wants to become one, but doesn’t quite get what he’s bargained for. As a feral boy werewolf, Clay is found by Jeremy, who shows extreme patience in cajoling and nurturing the wild creature, eventually taking him back to Stonehaven.
This is a marvellous story which reinforces the strength of the relationship between Clay and Jeremy. All told through the point of view of the starving, scared boy. There are also some really humorous bits as Clay studies the school pets for ways to kill them, which the teacher mistakenly finds adorable.
The third story is ‘Ascension 1972’. Here we see Clay enter his teen years, deal with puberty, learn to fight and struggle to protect Jeremy from the mutts and his father Malcolm.
In ‘Kitsungari, 2007’, Jaime and Jeremy manage a stolen weekend together. But something is troubling Jeremy, a feeling of being watched.
This is a great collection and adds to the whole dimension of the Otherworld. It’s particularly fun to spend time with the ‘boys’, so well worth a read.

Waking the Witch
Women of the Otherworld (12)
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Orbit
Release date 27th Jul 2010
Page count: 325pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

In the twelfth Women of the Otherworld book, Savannah Levine, daughter of Eve and Nast takes the lead. Paige and Lucas have gone off to Hawaii for a holiday leaving Savannah in charge of the business, so when she receives a visit from half demon PI Jesse who needs help with an investigation in Colombus, she sees it as the ideal opportunity to go solo for the first time. She heads off to the small town and starts to investigate the murder of three women hat could be linked to a mysterious local cult. Savannah identifies with young Kayla, nine-year old daughter of one if the victims, Ginny, intent on finding out who killed her Mom. Savannah too, remembers the loss of her Mom at a very young age and it brings up all sorts of memories.
Blending a murder mystery thriller with magic, with fast and Savannah’s own survivor’s guilt, this is another great outing for the Women of the Otherworld. The youngest Levine has come of age, is fighting her feelings for Adam Vasic whilst exploring dating with detective Michael and is trying to prove her worth and independence. But nothing can prepare her for the shock that awaits her in the finale. Gripping and engaging, this is another great book in this very popular series.

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