Half-Off Ragnarok - Archieved Post

March 8, 2015 - 12:22 pm No Comments

Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: DAW
Release Date: March 2014
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

“I voluntarily chose a profession where running toward screaming is considered a good idea.”
The third in the Incryptid series features Cryptozoologist and Ballroom Dancer Verity’s brother Alexander Price. The Price family live to protect the Cryptids of the city and Alex is normally found hunting through the swamps. He has his own Church Griffin, Crow as a pet and his assistant is a gorgon called Dee (handy when it comes to petrifying eighteen feet reptiles). The day job is as a researcher at Ohio’s West Columbus Zoo for the reptile department, but it’s easy for Alex to get distracted by the beautiful Shelby Tanner who works with the tigers. In between trying to date Shelby and examining Ohio Cryptids Alex lives with his grandparents; Angela a predatory Cuckoo and Martin a Revenant. But apart from that they’re a pretty normal family. His cuckoo cousin Sarah is still recovering from the events in the second book, Midnight Blue-Light Special. Like Verity, Alex looks after his own contingent of the Aeslin mice colony; talking, intelligent mice that help the Price family, worshipping them as gods, and undertaking duties in exchange for cake and cheese. In the meantime, Alex is concerned about the growing fricken population (feathered frogs), and the impact that would have on cryptozoology. He’s also on alert when the shoe of one of the zoo workers turns up attached to a foot – and a dead body, a body that has been petrified by an unknown cryptid. Thankfully for his assistant Dee he doesn’t believe it’s here and he’s also not a member of the Covenant, who kill Cryptids on sight and have a grudge against Alex’s family. There’s a lovely Jim Butcher/Dresden vibe to Alex’s adventures, a wry tone of voice and the acknowledgement that he’s constantly getting himself into trouble. All together this makes for a fast paced, fun, and exciting adventure. And though I missed Verity this time around we’ve been assured she’s just taking a break and will be back soon.

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