The Battery - Archieved Post

February 6, 2015 - 2:59 pm No Comments

I watched this film in awe. My mate Alice bought it for me for my birthday because Id never seen it, I’m a big zombie fan, and she’d heard good things about it, plus it’s done the rounds at film festivals. It’s a little of a one man band. Some dude named Jeremy is writer, director, producer and actor, but you know what? There’s something compelling about this film; pretty impressive with a main cast of two.
You see, two dudes are travelling middle America, playing baseball, visiting dead girlfriends and beating the crap out of zombies. Seems like they’re having a good time. But underneath the veneer is the truth of pain, loss, incredible fear and friendship. The scenery is great, the dialogue is simple but more importantly, the soundtrack kicks ass, especially when weirdly beardy dude performs one of the strangely emotional songs that reminds me of the Dawn of the Dead remake (Zack Snyder). This is strangely gripping stuff. Despite the childish pranks played and the regular zombie deaths. This is a film to watch. I don’t want to give too much away other than saying; watch it.

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