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The Misfortune Cookie
Author: Laura Resnick
Publisher: DAW
Page count: 394pp
Release date: 5th Nov 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Actress and singing waitress Esther Diamond is at it again. Not content with taking a back seat, the unlikely heroine of Resnick’s fun magic infused urban fantasy series finds herself in trouble again. Things get off to a tricky start for Esther New Year’s Eve when Detective Connor Lopez (who slept with her and didn’t call) shuts down the Italian Mob restaurant she’s working in, arresting her in the process. But luckily for Esther, Connor ‘accidentally’ forgets to do the paperwork and procedures correctly so she’s set free. After that debacle things get even trickier with the death of Chinese boss Benny, who is apparently killed by a cursed fortune cookie. So along with ancient Max, and Max’s dog/familiar Nelli, Esther gets involved in trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. And as usual, it involves a chance for her to use her acting skills as she needs to go undercover on the set of new film ABC, funded by Benny before he died. Now the film needs a new backer.
The continuing will they/won’t they/oops they did and Lopez never called! dynamic between the two main protagonists is as always great fun and with Esther’s tendency to be honest and forthright, adds a bit of banter and tension to the novel. Familiar Nelli is a character in her own right, and Max is an equally fascinating character. Add to this the Chinatown setting, Chinese folklore and superstition and the vibrancy of NY and it makes for a great environment for this novel. Resnick is very respectful of the Chinese culture and the multicultural backgrounds of her varied protagonists (Lopez is Cuban/Irish, Esther is Jewush, Lucky is American/Italian and Ted, Cynthia and a whole host of other characters are Chinese/American) adding to the sense of diversity.
I always enjoy the Esther Diamond novels and this was no exception. I look forward to the next novel and hopefully a progression on the Esther/Lopez front.

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