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Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased
Author: Lisa Morton
Publisher: Constable & Robinson
Page Size: 336pp
Release date: 17th July 2014
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

I was absolutely thrilled and excited to attend the Halloween Horror Signing at Forbidden Planet organised by Editor Stephen Jones and the BFS Open meeting, which followed at the Bloomsbury Tavern Sat. Apart from being a fantastic event where I got all of my Zombie Apocalypse books signed by the number of writers involved, and met Joe Roberts who has created these amazing covers, I won a mobile phone yay! Ok, that’s irrelevant to this review to be honest; I just wanted to share my excitement with you following this spectacular event. So it is with brewing anticiation that I’m now starting Washington Deceased, particularly after how much I enjoyed Horror Hospital (see review).
The novel spinoff starts with a letter written Oct 3rd 1803. A letter by Thomas Moreby of thanks to ‘Benjamin’ for creating a truly occult city in Washington, with a pentagram interwoven through its streets. The letter talks of demons, eternal life for Moreby and a plague. The ‘Master of Fleas’, he tells the reader, will bite and infect the host whilst restoring them.
Back to the present day and Director Sandra Steele, Secret Service Agent is in command of a dedicated team, part army, part ex-cop, part Secret Service, designed to ensure humanity’s survival by ‘picking up a package’ in an America overrun with the dead. The package is the new Madame Preside t of the United States. The team are wearing new protective gel suits, created to protect them from scratches or bites of the dead that had only been developed recently.
In Burbank LA, Kevin Moon (Moony) is in touch with his partner/friend in Virginia, comparing notes on the apocalypse via email, reminiscent of the techniques used in the anthologies. He’s holed up in an apartment with friend Scotty and a number of other survivors. They are out on a necessary food run when one of them is scratched and his sister insists they bring him home with them. Kevin can’t stand the idea, and suddenly he decides to take a Hummer he’s found, fill it with supplies and head to his friend in Virginia. We also meet veteran Ty Ward, suffering from PTSD but invaluable nonetheless to the government.
With a great range of cleverly written characters, fast paced action and entertaining politics this book is easily raced through. Witty, at times gross, this is a great addition to the series.

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