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The Unquiet House
Author: Alison Littlewood
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Size/Page Count: 304pp
Release Date: 10 April 2014
Reviewer: Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly is an avid horror fan and prolific reader, of all genres, however, he particularly likes horror and crime. Jason has willingly taken on the task of reading horror for Terror Tree whilst Theresa is indisposed.

Alison Littlewood appeared on the horror scene in 2012 with A Cold Season (Ed – reviewed on this site). This was a first rate debut novel. That was followed by A Path of Needles. This book promised to deliver the goods and it sure as hell delivered the goods. This year we have just received The Unquiet House. This is by far Mrs Littlewood’s best book to date. This is much faster paced and creepier than the first two books. She has also to go back in time for various parts of this book.
The book starts with Emma Dean moving into a house that has been left to her by a family member that she has never met. Not long after the moving in the grandson of the former owner appears on the scene. Then we get lots of creepy happenings going on. I won’t say what happens, but believe me things start to get scary for the reader and for the main character. I would also like to say that the book is tense and creepy right from page one
In the second part of the book we jump back in time to 1973. Here we meet Frank, Sam and Mossy. We also see a bit more of the owner of Mire House. We get lots of strange happenings in this book. I think this part of the book is the creepiest part in all. We also get to see a certain person appearing at a window. Towards the end of the book an horrific crime is committed. The crime affects everybody that is involved with it, this even includes the victims
In part three of the book we go even further back in time. This part is set in 1939. In this section of the book we get to meet characters such as Aggie, Will, Mrs Hollingworth & Eddie. This section of the book is just as creepy as the first two parts. We have lots of mysterious goings on and other things that will make you jump. As with part two we have something nasty appear towards the end of this section.
In part four of the book we jump back into 2013. We meet up with Emma & Charlie again. Mysterious things are still happening in Mire House. But as we get near the end of the book everything gets revealed in a satisfying conclusion. The strings get slowly pulled together.
I personally would class this book as a ghost story rather than an outright horror novel. I also believe that with this book Alison Littlewood is moving into Ramsey Campbell territory.

4/5 stars

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