Hot Blooded - Archieved Post

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Author: Amanda Carlson
Publisher: Orbit
Size/Page Count: 314pp
Release Date: 23 April 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

SPOLIERS FOR BOOK ONE AHEAD; Jessica McClain has had a very bad week. Not content with finally shifting against all odds and becoming the only female werewolf in an all male werewolf pack, she has attracted the ire of a Vampire Queen and been wrapped in a death spell, returned home to find cop and nemesis Ray Hart tied up in her closet after witnessing werewolf Danny change, reluctantly bound herself to an unknown species of werecat who is now her mate, and been jumped by a dirty, smelly little imp who has accused her of being the True Lycan of legend; one who will rule all of the supernatural world and vanquish all evil. And as if that isn’t enough, to save Ray Hart’s life she has blackmailed/threatened him into coming along on a road trip to rescue her mate Rourke from evil witch and self proclaimed goddess Selene accompanied by a pair of creepy vampires. Yep, Jessica is surely having another bad week.
After a gripping cliffhanger in book one, and more tension abounding in this, book two of the Jessica McClain series, our heroine is going to need all her wits about her to save her mate and fight for her place as a ‘normal’ werewolf in her Pack and the supernatural hierarchy. Jessica doesn’t want to be leader of all supernaturals and she’s pretty sure the legend of the True Lycan has been leaked amongst the various supernatural Sects to put the cat amongst the pigeons, so she only has one option left. She’s going to have to fight; goddess witches, werewolves, naiads, vampires, giant scorpion-spider-type-things and possessed goats with flaming red eyes; yep, they’re all in here.
Jessica’s passion is made obvious throughout the book, and it is this which stands her apart from other supernatural creatures. It is also this aspect which garners her support from her circle and from some of the vamps.
Carlson writes with incredible wit and fervour. The action is fast-paced and the novel itself incredibly easy to read. If it’s possible I enjoyed this more than the first novel Full Blooded, and as with that novel, Carlson ends on a terrific cliffhanger leaving you wanting more. I’m addicted to this series.

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