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Welcome to KnightWatch Press, the home of horror. We are a small independent horror publisher focusing on new and exciting horror fiction.

Our website launches July 14. There will be a gallery where you will see an array of wonderful covers designed by our artists with short bios and links to their websites. There will also be information about the services we offer including cover art/design, interior design, press releases, proof reading and editing. And don’t forget our store, where you’ll have access to all of our products from Amazon and the chance to order some exciting new titles

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Now I’ve got you excited I’d like to introduce one of our artists who has created two great cover images for our most recent releases, Rom Zom Com and Her Dark Voice.

Caroline O’Neal was born in Germany by a Greek mother and with an Australian father of Irish/Scottish origin.

She grew up in Geneva, has lived for 13 years in Copenhagen and she is now settled in Neu Ulm (Germany) since spring 2012.

Caroline is a self-taught Artist-Painter and Illustrator, with a fascination for the fantastic and the imaginary since childhood. Mucha, Schwabe, Klimt, Burne-Jones, Beardsley, Rackham, Brom, Dulac, Jim Fitzpatrick and Brian Froud are the artists she admires, amongst others Pre-Raphaelites, Symbolists, Art Nouveau and Dark Fantasy painters/illustrators. She describes her artwork as figurative, inspired by mythical characters (Greek mythology), fairy tales and various legends, with background of nature.
She has completed various illustrations for children’s books, clothing and games and also for SF-Horror-Fantasy magazines and books.

She has had a number of exhibitions presented in Europe during the mid and late 1990s, in Geneva, France and Denmark, the most recent being in March 2010 at the World Horror Convention Art Show in Brighton.

Caroline says her techniques are oil on canvas and drawing with black and colour inks, watercolour pencils & pastels on paper. Both techniques are sometimes supplemented with the addition of various metallic powders, glimmer, synthetic stones, shells, dried seaweed, tissue flowers, feathers, sand, gilt and so on.

For more have a glance at Caroline’s web-site :

The two recent KnightWatch Press releases with cover art by Caroline O’Neal are:

dark voice cvr

Her Dark Voice
This stunning collection of twelve short stories, SF, Fantasy and Horror all with a dark twist have been written by a selection of incredibly talented female authors and the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Campaign charity. From angels, to demons who protect children, to witches, seriens and venomous mutations, this anthology is dark, funny, poignant and visionary. The talent assembled here includes Gaie Sebold, Liz Williams, Jaine Fenn, Jacey Bedford, Misa Buckley and many more. So take the plunge and step into this rich collection of stories and enjoy Her Dark Voice.

Edited by Theresa Derwin, with stories from Jacey Bedford, Misa Buckley, Jan Edwards, Rhiannon Mills, L F Robertson, Lynn M Cochrane, Lynda Collins, Jaine Fenn, Rebecca Fung, Gaie Sebold & Liz Williams


Rom Zom Com

A collection of twelve lovingly crafted tales by a host of talented writers who blend the best of the zombie genre with a touch of romance and a few laughs. And you know what? Zombies need love too. In this collection of stories there’s romance, comedy and the creeping undead looking for love, looking for brains and going about their business while survivors figure out they’ve still got the urge. The opening story, Generation Z, has an offer that’s hard to refuse. In Fitting In you’ll find a tale of a being an outsider. In Nesting Instinct, love drives dangerous heroics while The Ardent Dead sees romance beyond the ages. One mother makes do in the story, Family Life, while Barney, a beloved cat, causes quite some trouble in another. Faye finds love in an unexpected place in Faye of the Dead and Lucinda discovers journals are not all they’re cracked up to be in Living Dead in Miami. How you deal with hungry relatives is the problem in Fifty Years going on Forever, and in Jenny a young man finds his heroism. In Sing For Your Life we find out just what gets the dead grooving while one of the most unpleasant of people gets to go on a Blind Date in the last tale. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying and screaming to the very last page.

Edited by Stewart Hotston with stories from Bear Weiter, Frank Dutkiewicz, Ted Wenskus, Anthony Ferguson, Christine Morgan, Mellissa Black, Holly Quinn, Nicholas Knight, Martin Hill Ortiz, Nick A Zaino III & David Williamson

Apologies to Caroline. The first edition of Rom Zom Com incorrectly showed the designer as the artist and did not credit Caroline’s wonderful cover image. If you bought one of those editions and would like an exchange, just drop me a line please at

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