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September 15, 2013 - 4:40 pm 1 Comment

If you like horror you’re gonna love what reviewer Andy Angel has to tell you about; two highl recommeded horror books to get your teeth into as the Halloween season approaches.

Devil Let Me Go
Author: Nathan Robinson
Publisher: The Bookshop of Doom
Page count: 268pp
Release Date: 24th July 2013
Reviewer: Andy Angel

A good package of horror short stories here (13 in all) from new boy Nathan Robinson.

The stories are all well written and, in most cases, pretty damn scary. Many subjects are covered so it isn’t all repetitive.

The book starts with The House That Creak’d – Charles Broome is the last man on earth but something, in fact several somethings, are out to get him. The easy way out would be suicide but his beliefs mean he would not meet his beloved wife in the afterlife if he did that. So, how to fight back

Secondly we have Top of the Heap – basically “don’t cross the boss”. Some truly horrific moments here

Next up – Crack’d – after an earthquake type event an old lady finds and hatches an egg she’s found on her land. For me this story had the most WTF moments and is probably one of the best

Among the others, If You Ever Meet A Girl Named Maisie Mae is probably the most relevent to recent times, while Eat Your Heart Out Lorena will bring tears to the eyes of men everywhere.

The book finishes with a christmas tale (Colder Than Hell Up Here) and a wonderfull little tale of family (Fallen).

As a short story collection this is just the right thing for your bedside table – don’t be too sure of a good night’s sleep though

4.5* out of 5

Author: Karl Drinkwater
Publisher: Amazon
Page count: 196pp
Release Date: 7th Dec 2011
Reviewer: Andy Angel

There are sinister goings on a plenty in this first novel by Karl Drinkwater.

The story is set on Stawl Island, a small island just off the Welsh mainland. On the island, as well as a whole host of creepy villagers and Lord John (the lord of Stawl Island) are David, the new police officer, Chris, a criminal on the run, and Megan, on the island for a getaway after leaving her cheating boyfriend. Oh, and let’s not leave out Spotty the black labrador, the police dog.

With the creepy villagers and the twisted Lord it is not long before Chris, David and Megan meet up and try to survive a night from hell – and there’s a storm coming too……..

I would like to say that for a first novel this is good, but really that would be a massive disservice to the author. It is, in my opinion, way beyond good. The author has been likened to Richard Laymon and Dean Koontz by other reviewers and these comparisons are pretty much on the mark. I cut my horror teeth on authors like Koontz and Laymon and would also put him up there with them.

The atmosphere on the island is dark, heavy, foreboding. Right from the first few pages it is foot to the floor stuff with pretty much no let up till you reach the end.

This is proper horror writing, the stuff that makes you wince when you see what’s coming. I predict a bright future for Karl Drinkwater and will be adding him to my list of authors whose books I pick up knowing I am in for a good read.

Highly recommended – 5* (out of 5)

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  1. Karl Drinkwater Says:

    Brilliant, I’ve always wanted to be part of a horror double bill!

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