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Dave Jeffery

I am delighted to introduce another of our guests for Andromeda One Dave Jeffery.

Dave Jeffery is perhaps best known for his zombie novel Necropolis Rising which has gone on to be a UK #1 Bestseller. His Young Adult work includes the critically acclaimed Beatrice Beecham Series, BBC: Headroom endorsed Finding Jericho and the 2012 Edge Hill Prize Long-listed Campfire Chillers short story collection.

Necromancer: Necropolis Rising II is slated for release through Dark Continents Publishing, Inc. in October, 2013. His short story Ascension (featured in ALT-ZOMBIE, Hersham Horror) has been filmed by Venomous Little Man Productions and will be released on the festival circuit throughout 2013. A spin-off 13 part TV series Exodus is currently in development.

Necropolis Rising
Author: Dave Jeffery
Publisher: Disturbed Earth
Page count: 156pp
Release Date: 10th Sept 2010
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
I have a particular fondness for this book because it is set in my hometown Birmingham. Although liberties are taken with locations, Hilton Towers for instance, the urban area is instantly recognisable.
The novel stars with a bang, literally, as the Animal Activist League attacks the property of Dr Whittington in Hilton Towers. The attackers, Sam and Sean, reach the penthouse apartment to find the good doctor munching on the remains of a golden retriever. Then an explosion wracks the room.
We next encounter Kevin O’Connell with Stu Kunaka, Amir and Suzie scoping out a building, the National Criminal Intelligence DNA Database. The group plan to infect the database with a massive computer virus. But they have to get into the building first before they can do it. If they can get into Birmingham centre that is, because the city is in lockdown.
There is a wry sense of humour to the novel and it is very representative of the multi-cultural society we live in. As for Suzie, at first she appears a little clichéd; “As a woman Suzie should’ve turned out a mess.” She was an abused coke addict, hence the cliché and is now a mercenary working with O’Connell, however, the character develops quickly into a strong female figure who can kick arse with the best of them.
Next we meet hard as nails Major Edward Shipman who is trying to control the outbreak, and he is aware that before the explosion in the centre Dr Whittington was involved in The Lazarus Initiative, a covert research programme aimed at bringing soldiers to life. Shipman is determined to find the one person who could be the answer to a cure to the Risen.
If your idea of fun is grisly, gruesome displays of the worst humanity has to offer and a bounty of undead, you will certainly have fun with this book, which is filled with gallows humour.
Apart from the military contingent, these are real people, working class or middle class citizens with a history and survivor instincts. One particular scene (I won’t spoil it for you) is oddly poignant and almost reminiscent of the twin towers destruction of 9/11. There is also a dash of romance going on in this novel that feels warm and comfortable, and does not intrude on the action. There are hints of something larger in the background with the elusive and mysterious Consortium pulling the strings behind the database infection. A little bit of historic zombie lore is also present in the form of a character musing on the Haitian origins of zombies and voodoo. Each character is given a solid back story that helps the reader engage with them. Jeffery has a style which reminded me of William Meikle; nard core pulp with heart. A jolly good adventure that keeps you hooked until the end.

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