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On Thursday 25th July 13 at Forbidden Planet Shaftesbury Avenue, I joined a plethora of fans to celebrate the launch of Control by Kim Curran and The Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce. These two books are new releases from YA Publisher Strange Chemistry, from the stable of genre publisher Angry Robot. Bloggers and reviewers for Angry Robot will recognise the name Amanda Ritter who is now Editor-in-Chief at Strange Chemistry; and doing a bang on job she is too!
After a reading from both authors, attendees battled through the sweltering heat in the FP basement desperately clutching their copies of both books, eager to meet the writers and get their signature on the book. Both Kim & Bryony were smart, polite and pleasant, but more importantly, were offering free CAKE! Cake, cake, I love cake me! As you see from the photos they went to town on making their cake fit the theme of the day.



We followed up the event with drinks at the rather swanky Detroit Bar a five minute walk from FP. There I had, er CAKE and a drink, and got a brief chance to say hi again to Kim & Bryony and wish them every success with their books.
And soon alas, it was time to leave . . . with someone else’s books. Yep, Theresa the book thief I’m afraid. Whilst I was busy gathering up my FP bag, so was my friend Adrian, and unfortunately we didn’t realise until we got onto our coach home after a lovely summer evening stroll through St James’s Park. So, if you’re missing three books, two copies of The Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce, one signed to Sharon and one to Dean and a copy of Control by Kim Curran signed to Dean, please drop me a line asap and I’ll get them back to you. In the meantime, to get you in the mood for my reviews of these two books to follow, here’s what I thought of Kim’s first book, Shift.


Author: Kim Curran
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Page count: 322pp
Release Date: 2nd Sept 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Scott Tyler is only a teenager but could almost have the power to change the world. Because, what if you could change your past? What if you had the power to undo any decision you had made in the blink of an eye?
It’s the last day of term for Scott Tyler and whilst he should be out celebrating the beginning of summer with friends, he is sat on his own playing zombie games. Branded a loser by his sister, he is starting to believe she may be right, after all, he’ll be back to the same boring old school when the summer ends. Amidst Scott’s predictable life is the ‘family’ Friday night; a night where he can look forward to the parents arguing as usual, blaming each other for the way their lives have turned out. So when Scott’s best pal Hugo invites him out to a party with the ‘in’ crowd, he decides to go, a decision which will change his life forever. Trying to be accepted by the popular kids, Scott sets off on a dare to climb a pylon, desperate to attract and impress the cute girl he can see watching him.
All is going well until Scott falls forty feet – then suddenly, he hasn’t fallen, and the young girl he was watching is Aubrey Jones, an officer of ARES, who drags him away to hide him before the Regulators can arrest him for ‘shifting’. Because Scott can ‘Shift’ and change any decision he has made.
Moving at a rollercoaster pace, ‘Shift’ doesn’t stop. In between the action as Scott comes to term with his new powers we get a logical and feasible scientific explanation for the ‘shifting’. And trust me, there is plenty of action, adventure and intrigue. Curran absolutely nails the voice of a confused sixteen year old boy and all of the characters are believable.
I haven’t read many YA novels, but what struck me was the adult nature of the content, yet toned down just the right way, making the book equally enjoyable for is YA audience and adults alike. I was also surprised how horrific some of the content was in a tasteful and reasonable way respecting the younger audience.
Thoroughly enjoyable. After plowing through ‘Shift’ the first thing I did was open my copy of Control on the coach journey back from the book launch. Amazing stuff.

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