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July 30, 2013 - 8:22 pm No Comments

Author: Kim Curran
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Page count: 349pp
Release Date: 25th July 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Scott Tyler is only a teenager but could almost have the power to change the world. Because, what if you could change your past? What if you had the power to undo any decision you had made in the blink of an eye?
In Kim Curran’s stunning and fast paced debut Shift young Scott Tyler discovers he can ‘Shift’; undo any of his own decisions and change the past. He is recruited by Aubrey Jones, a 15-year old officer in ARES, an organisation created to adapt and use Shifters for the benefit of the government, and to track down any rogue shifters who are using their talents for illicit purposes.
At the end of the first novel, Scott discovered that there are adult shifters out there, despite the fact it is only children who can normally shift. As the new novel starts, ARES have sent Scott on a mission – to track down the last of the adult rogue shifters, specifically, the very last one Frank Anderson. It doesn’t take them long to find Frank after a rather strange tip off, but what are Frank’s real motives? Is Frank really a benign and honest philanthropist the reader imagines Anderson to be?
A mix of intrigue, humour, action and a sharp narrative that whizzes by, Control is, if possible, even better than the first book. After multiple shifts that take place, characters destinies have changed dramatically and Scott and Aubrey go through a rough patch that will test their burgeoning relationship.
Curran has excelled herself with this novel. And the ending? Wowzer! What a finale!
Not to be missed.

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