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Author: Joseph D’Lacey
Publisher: This is Horror Books
Page count: 28pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
The Vindicator is a vehicle, a car, with the blood of the Gentleborn in its metal, and cradles a spirit within its bodywork. It is alive.

This chapbook of road terror starts at 90MPH written in bursts of speed to match the velocity that the car is driving at. The unnamed driver at the wheel longs to be a Boyman. He had always imagined an iron focus – mind and body at one with the ‘V’. But something was going wrong this time, the driver was losing his focus.

All he’d ever wanted was to join the Boymen, “elevated from the heat and plagues, eternally young.” And here he is speeding along The Final Five, the only road worth travelling.

This darkly poetic post apocalyptic chapbook takes you on the journey with the driver as the speed and danger increases, giving us a glimpse into a scary universe that you want to know more about. For me, the chapbook ended too quick, but not in a bad way; I wanted to know more. D’Lacey’s powerful prose captures you from the offset and this is another tour-de-force in the ‘This is Horror’ chapbook series. The cover art is spectacular and it is signed by the author himself. I look forward to seeing what the next book in this series offers.

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