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Any Other Name
Author: Emma Newman
Publisher: Angry Robot
Page count: 416pp
Release Date: 6th June 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Following directly on from the first book in the series, Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name continues the tale of Catherine Rhoeas-Papever, inhabitant of the Nether, Aquae Sulis, an alternative version of Bath, steeped in the Regency and Victorian period. In the first book, Cathy has escaped into ‘normal’ society and lives a life as a student in Manchester, until she is kidnapped by her brother and returned to the Nether, where she is told she will marry William Reticulat-Iris, at the wish of her Fae Patroon Lord Poppy.
This sequel begins with Cathy drugged up to her eyeballs on poppy milk on her wedding morning, vaguely aware that the wedding is about to take place, until a spell lifts her haze and she finds herself in a carriage on the way to the ceremony. At the same time back in the normal human world, Cathy’s friend Sam knows he has to return to fae world Exilium to rescue a number of human models who have been kidnapped and are living in slavery. Concentrating on this return, and his promises to Cathy, his relationship with his wife Leanne is drifting further and further apart. She has moved to London and set up a home and is ensconced in her new career. Meanwhile Arbiter (private detective) Max with his rather friendly as yet unnamed gargoyle is investigating a series of murders in the Bath Chapter where the hearts have been turned into stone.
Back to the wedding day and Cathy must either try to live a new restricted life with William, who really wants to be with disgraced Rosa Amelia, or escape the Fae Lords and magic of the Nether to continue her live as a normal human.
Cathy is a strong female figure despite following the etiquette of Nether society when required of her, as she steadfastly attempts to fight the constraints of the pre-Victorian society and the subjugation of women. Adept at sorting out a major crisis, spying and hiding, Cathy’s husband Will wonders how his new wife can be so clever in some things, yet s inept at others. Cathy is a complex character who gradually learns more about herself as the novel progresses. The book itself is cram packed with politics, subterfuge, adventure and plain old fun. The gargoyle sidekick is my favourite character without a doubt and there is an eclectic mix to choose from.
Newman proved her historical knowledge and literary talents in the first book, and like the first book, Any Other Name is incredibly difficult to put down.

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