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May 31, 2013 - 5:39 pm No Comments

Wolf Hunt
Author: Jeff Strand
Publisher: Dark Region Press
Page count: 252pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Meet George and Lou; thugs for hire, and dent collectors, they will happily break your bones if it comes to it, though Lou is a tad squeamish. Don’t get him wrong, Lou is great with knives but a little bit nervous when it comes to the bone breaking. George however, has no such compunction.
The novel starts with George and Lou on a job, collecting $63,000 and the odd broken bone from a shifty old guy who has stolen from a drug lord. Not the most clever of things in the world to do! Both George and Lou are literally the ‘heavies’ both standing well over 6ft tall. So, they seem like the perfect goons to transport a man in a cage across Florida. The man? Well, he’s a werewolf. It should be an easy gig, after all, there are no such things as werewolves, right?
Ivan the ‘werewolf’ is only slightly annoying at first, and the banter as he cajoles George and Lou is incredibly fun; Ivan is a real smart-arse and the dialogue between George and Lou flies thick and fast. In fact, the bickering between George and Lou is rather like that of an old married couple or siblings, and is filled with witty one-liners, almost reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs.
Delightfully funny and gory, this is a wonderful blend of comedy and horror that grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go. Jeff Strand is a name to watch. I could not put this down and read it in one sitting.

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