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Meet KnightWatch Press and horror author Rhiannon Mills.

Rhiannon Mills was born by the sea in Portsmouth, Virginia. Since then, she has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Winchester, Indiana, and eventually settled in Itmann, West Virginia. She started writing when she was nine years old after watching a vampire film that held her young heart and mind captive. Starting out writing in notebooks and filling pages with gore and prattle, Rhiannon knew she was going to write for the rest of her life when she began winning awards in school for her creative writing endeavors. After starting her own family and having two daughters and two sons, Rhiannon began focusing on her writing once again.

Her short story, “The Heart Fixer” is featured in a horror anthology released by Rainstorm Press called “31 Nights of Halloween.” Another short horror story Rhiannon penned is featured in Rainstorm Press’s anthology, “With This Ring, I Bleed, Dead” and is titled, “Mr. and Mrs.” Next, Rhiannon published the romantic fantasy/horror novella, “The Demon King” with KnightWatch Press in February 2012.

Currently, she is working on the sequel to the novella, hoping to have it finished and ready for readers by summer 2013. Rhiannon is also working on a paranormal mystery and enjoys writing blog posts to keep her fingers warm.

In her spare time, Rhiannon loves to read any book that tells a story. In her mind, a good story with believable, loveable, or hateable characters is what makes a book great. She also enjoys baking, lots of coffee, and documentaries that generally no one else likes. Her favorite subjects are history, with an increasing interest in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Also, on occasion, Rhiannon can be found playing silly real life simulation video games for an extra dose of inspiration, relaxation, and entertainment.

The Demon King is on sale at £1.95 until 28th Feb.

Draken needs a soothsayer to help him keep his kingdom under his own rule and not that of his twin brother. What he doesn’t count on is that his bewitching soothsayer, Willow, could possibly be the fall of the entire Underworld without trying to do so. In The Demon King by Rhiannon Mills, one small twenty year old secret could destroy everything Draken has ever held dear. Through battles, both political and emotional, the King must do what is best to destroy his brother and hold his kingdom in the right hands, although nothing is ever what it seems and no one can be trusted in the Underworld.

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