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Blood’s Pride (Shattered Kingdoms Book 1)
Author Eve Manieri
Publisher Jo Fletcher Books
Pages/size 528pp
Release Date: 30th Aug 20112
Reviewer: Kate Middleton

A generation has passed since the Norlanders’ great ships bore down on Shadar, and the Dead Ones slashed and burned the city into submission, enslaving the Shadari people. Now the Norlander governor is dying and, as his three alienated children struggle against the crushing isolation of their lives, the Shadari rebels spot their opening and summon the Mongrel, a mysterious mercenary warrior who has never yet lost a battle. But her terms are unsettling: she will name her price only after the Norlanders have been defeated. A single question is left for the Shadari: is there any price too high for freedom?

When I picked this book up I found that the first few chapters were hard to get through masses of character names, places and descriptions. Though the light of character names and what clans they are from at the start of the book greatly helped. Once past the first ten or so chapters I really felt that it was hard to put this book down, the unexpected plot twists, the forbidden love, the violence and everything that happened due to honour.

The characters were great and I really felt for their situation. I also can’t wait for the next book because I have no idea how it is going to unfold.

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