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February 27, 2013 - 4:30 pm No Comments

Blood Therapy
Author Lynda Hilburn
Publisher Jo Fletcher Books
Pages/size 400pp
Release Date: 4th July 2012
Reviewer: Kate Middleton

Kismet Knight knows exactly how to handle her patients, but when it comes to her love-life, she’s on less steady ground. That was until she met master vampire Devereux, an 800-year-old hunk, who not only managed to convince the entirely rational shrink that vampires really do exist – he also convinced her to start dating him. Kismet’s still having nightmares after being kidnapped by Lucifer, a schizophrenic vampire. From a therapeutic perspective she finds his split personalities fascinating – but she’s constantly terrified. And Dev’s become obsessed with finding Lucifer – before he comes after Kismet again. So much for her nice, ordinary life…

I read this book in one sitting and really enjoyed it, although I hadn’t read the vampire shrink I felt that I picked up enough of what happened in it to not be confused or missing something big. I felt the fear that kismet had and the terror that Lucifer was constantly putting her through. I really enjoyed the humour within the story and the characters backgrounds and connections. I can’t wait for the rest of Kismet’s story.

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