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The Creeping Kelp
Author: William Meikle
Publisher: Dark Regions Press
Page count/size: 155pp/228KB
Release Date: 30th April 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

This literary Monster B-Movie starts with an environmental message from Greenpeace. Following this we meet Dave Noble, collecting samples aboard the dinghy Zodiac, in an area where the plastic is rife, as is risk of pollution to the sea.

Fisherman have already been reporting sights of strange mutations in the area, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when all hell breaks loose on the mother ship Earth Rescue, as Noble returns with a black goop that has stuck to the surface of the chopper and boat.

Biologist Suzie Jukes examines the black tar sample that Noble returns with, and declares it was once alive, and they may have found an incipient species. It appears it is a ‘plastic eater’, a natural garbage disposal unit. As Noble and Jukes examine the sample, they hear screams from the upper deck and go up to see a member of the crew being plucked away by a massive tendril.

With a small crew trapped aboard the boat and the monstrous kelp growing and spreading, the feel of claustrophobia oozes from the page.

We then switch to Kimmeridge Bay, where holiday-maker Maggie Walsh watches in horror as black tentacles emerge from the sea and attack the locals. It isn’t long before they have a national emergency on their hands.

Back on land and under the protection of the MOD, Jukes hacks records and finds a link to the past of when the creeping kelp was first created.

Blending cinematic visuals, gore, humour, and Cthulhu mythos, this book is great fun and will satisfy gore hounds as well as those looking for something more indepth. With the use of historical diaries and notebooks, Meikle creates his own monstrous mythos and the book rattles along at a fantastic pace.

This will entertain any fans of Meikle and bring in new fans. Great stuff.

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