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January 18, 2013 - 2:48 pm No Comments

Author: Nina Berry
Publisher: Kensington Books
Page count/size: 321pp
Release Date: 29th Jan 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Continuing on from the events in Otherkin: Otherkin series book 1, Othermoon starts with the narrator, Desdemona or Dez, introducing us to the Otherkin world through her eyes.

Dez lives in a world where the Tribunal are out to destroy her kind, Shifters, and take them over. The novel starts as Lazar (brother of main love interest Caleb) breaks into the homes of Shifters, Dez included, to steal hair from their hairbrushes to attain their DNA for some unscrupulous purpose.

Caleb is an objurer, who has the power to make anyone obey his commands with his voice. Dez is a Tiger shifter, who her friends call Stripes and together, this group of teens stay hidden at a school for the otherkin (rather like the X-Men) with teacher Morfael playing the Professor Xavier role of saviour, protector and mentor.

With her fellow students, Dez becomes intent on investigating why the Tribunal needs their DNA.

As with most novels of this nature, it is the romance that comes to the fore here. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if this SF/Fantasy of Twilight-esque nature is for them, but with dialogue like “When you’re away it’s like a part of me is gone too.” I did find myself groaning a little.

However, the central plot involving the school and the nefarious deeds of Head Honcho Ximon (Caleb and Lazar’s Dad) and the plight of the students is an engaging central plot and rattles along at a fair pace.

Berry’s reference to incidents in the first book, cajoled me into looking it up and at a reasonable price, consider buying it and reading it.

Othermoon is quite a good read, enjoyable and with characters that stay with you. The romance is my only issue with this book, but for fans who enjoy a little romance with their adventure and fantasy, then this is for you.

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