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Blood Fugue
Author: Joseph D’Lacey
Publisher: Proxima Books
Page count: 272pp
Release Date: 16th Nov 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Journalist Jim Kerrigan lives on his own in a cabin in the woods . . . so you know there’s going to be trouble! The locals have a problem with him because he chose, some years previous, to leave Hobson’s Valley then had returned as a hermit.
A virus, the Fugue of the title, is attacking the town’s folk making them crave bodily fluids. At the same time, the Jiminez family, on a visit from Spain, seek directions from Jim to find the remains of their ancestor to pay their respects. All of these plot points interweave and come together as the novel progresses.
The tension in this alternate vampire mythology/body horror starts immediately. D’Lacey excels at building scenery and atmosphere as the Jiminez family work their way through the woods as the creature stalks them. The creatures, these alternate vampires who feed on the body juices of their victims, attack with snakelike trifurcated tongues protruding from different parts of the body.
Graphic, visceral and with a deep eroticism running through the text and the infected, Blood Fugue is an uncomfortable read in the best way that horror fiction should be. This is a welcome return for D’Lacey to the horror genre and is a great addition to the body horror sub-genre.
The bit with the cookies is priceless!
Great stuff!

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