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A Beast in Spring
Author: Eric Dimbleby
Publisher: Graveside Tales
Page count/size: Kindle 505 KB
Release Date: 4th June 2012
Reviewer: Phil Andorra
I was not looking forward to reading this book. Without wanting to sound prudish, the pain and suffering of children does not really appeal to me. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was bad enough. The poor kid in the gas chamber at the end, I couldn’t watch the film version. Similarly I found the Shack hard to take. The bloodstained little girls dress. Pitiful. Both stories tell of a shocking end for two young children but the reader is left to imagine their fear, emotions and pain without describing in vivid detail their deaths. In the author’s note at the beginning of A Beast in Spring, Eric Dimbleby offers an apology for what is about to follow. He warns the reader his first draft was ‘brutal and mindless’. He is not wrong.
This is the story of two brothers who collect 18 newborn babies to raise on their secluded farm. Constantly faced with a threat from a ‘Beast in the Woods’, the boys are brought up to compete and grow strong. In true Darwinian tradition, only the fittest survive. Even from the start while still cot bound, they are starved until one succumbs. The trials facing the boys only grow worse.
This is clearly not a book for everyone and personally I found it uncomfortable. However, if that is your bag – go for it.

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