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August 5, 2012 - 10:24 pm No Comments

Author: David Moody
Publisher: Infected Books
Page count/Size: pp
Release date: 23rd July 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

First published in 2001 by Moody’s own imprint Infect Books, Trust has been revisited by the author and re-released this month.

Tom Winter is an out of work lazy guy with a difference – he doesn’t need to work, having inherited money from his deceased parents. He is out running one day in the village of Thatcham, when rain, thunder and lightening strike to reveal something massive and black moving through the air followed by jets. The locals are in awe and panic at what appears to be an alien craft. ‘Why’ Tom wonders, have aliens come to what he calls the ‘arse-end’ of everything.

From the moment the aliens are announced, to the moment that Earth must take on over three hundred refugees who cannot get back to their own planet without more aliens arriving, Tom is sceptical and cynical about their motives. This, despite the fact that the majority of humanity, brother Rob and girlfriend Siobhan included, have no qualms about the visitors and are in fact optimistic about the advances they bring.

But for Tom, there is always a doubt. He comes across as whiney, annoying and literally, the doubting Thomas of the novel, who cannot easily accept their presence. Yet Moody excels at creating, pardon the pun, moody characters who are flawed, but who seem incredibly realistic. Tom is such a character, and his mood becomes worse as brother Rob befriends alien Jalla, taking him home.
Laced with humorous observations, and a slow creeping sense of unease and paranoia, Trust is a spectacular piece of fiction and a prime example of what David Moody does. He is a unique writer, creating fear and discomfort in the reader and giving a brilliant payback with the ending.

Trust me on this (ahem) this is worth investing your pennies in; a great slow burning journey into fear.

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