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Hi, meet my new Reviewer Andy Angel before he tells you about this book:
Andy Angel

Ok, my bio – I’m Andy, a 45 year old warehouseman who allegedly came out of the womb with a book in hand. In all seriousness I have been reading for as long as I can remember. The first books I remember were the Magic Wishing Chair and Faraway Tree books of Enid Blyton which probably set me on the path to fantasy books as I grew older.

Since getting a Kindle 18 months ago, I have been reviewing and recommending books on amazon, goodreads and my blog (

My other hobbies are watching ice hockey (Go Steelers), travelling with my partner Marie, and pub quizzes (we even win sometimes). I also enjoy sampling single malts.

The Hammer and the Blade
Author: Paul S Kemp
Publisher: Angry Robot
Page count/Size: 416pp
Release date: 5th July 2012
Reviewer: Andy Angel
This is the first in the Tales of Egil and Nix (and hopefully there will be many more)

Our tale begins with tomb robbers Egil and Nix doing what they do best – robbing the tomb of Abn Sur. In the process they release a demon guardian, Vik-Thyss. They manage to defeat the demon and escape and that should be the end of it . . . but that would make things too easy.

Back in the city Lord Rakon Norristu needs a demon of House Thyss to fulfil a pact that keeps him in his position of power. When he finds out that Vik-Thyss is dead he needs to enlist the unwilling help of Egil and Nix to find and free another demon, Abrak-Thyss.

The action starts on page one and never really lets up until the final page, but it isn’t only the action and mayhem that makes this story a joy to read; there is also the banter between Egil and Nix. You instantly get a feel for the deep bond of friendship and the idea that here are two men who have been through a lot together.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of sword and sorcery with demons, monstrous creatures, some Indiana Jones style tomb raiding and a quite despicable villain who gets his come-uppance in an ingenious and much deserved way.

Join Egil and Nix on a break-neck adventure – you’ll be glad you did!

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