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August 27, 2012 - 11:25 am No Comments

Supernatural Activity
Studio: Signature Entertainment
Running time: 90 min
Release date: 13th Aug 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

This spoof by the makers of Scary Movie, introduces us to Damon Dealer, a paranormal investigator who works on the number one ‘hit’ show Supernatural Activity. With his crew of misfits, he embarks on a mission to the small town of Hicksville to disprove the existence of the Smallsquatch.
Filmed in a ‘mockumentary’ style, a documentary director follows Damon and his crew around intent on exposing the show as a hoax, but strange things are afoot in Hicksville.

Damon Dealer is suitably cheesy in a Ben Stiller way, as one would expect, and though some of the jokes fall flat and the séance scene runs on far too long, there are laughs to be had in this film. There are Patrick Swayze jokes, Blair Witch jokes, digs at The Exorcism of Emily Rose among other films and every supernatural stereotype is poked fun at.

Although it’s not the best of the spoofs, it is funnier than Scary Movie and I did find myself laughing out loud at some of the one liners. There is a certain guilty pleasure here and I have to admit that I enjoyed this film. The actor playing Damon Dealer was particularly good. Not a five star film but definitely worth a look, especially if you know your horror genre and can get the in jokes. Silliness, extreme silliness, and fun!

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