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Mammoth Book of Body Horror
Editors: Paul Kane & Marie O’Regan
Publisher: Robinson
Page count/Size: 512pp
Release date: 1st March 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Body Horror – not dead bodies, your body. And something is going very wrong inside it. So Stuart Gordon, director of Re-Animator, explains in his introduction to this mammoth anthology.
Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan who have edited this anthology together, have more than earned their editorial stripes over the years. In this anthology of body horror, they bring together some if the biggest names in horror writing along with new names to scare and thrill the reader. The collection contains classics such as ‘The Tell Tale Heart’, ‘The Fly’ and ‘Who Goes There?’, the novella, which was the basis for a number of films including John Carpenter’s 1982 ‘The Thing’.

From a deformed dwarf in ‘Transformation’ by Mary Shelley, to ‘Herbert West – Re-animator’ by H P Lovecraft, stories by Richard Matheson, Stephen King and Robert Bloch, this collection boasts the best. The editors have done a great job with their selection.

These stories are gross, creepy and funny. The stand out story for me is ‘Body Politic’ by Clive Barker. I remember reading this from Books of Blood as a teenager and being awed by Barker’s originality. I am still awed today. Other stories which stand out are ‘Fruiting Bodies’ by Brian Lumley, ‘Dog Day’ by Graham Masterton and ‘Polyp’ by Barbie Wilde, who incidentally played the female coenobite in Hellraiser II.

What impresses me most about this anthology, is the fact I liked or loved eighty percent of the stories, which is a rarity these days.
A great collection well worth investing in.

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