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July 1, 2012 - 9:06 pm No Comments

Steampunk Season continues this July on my site as I introduce a free piece of flash fiction by Steampunk writer Lavie Tidhar. Enjoy!


By Lavie Tidhar
Moo, moo, go the cows, and Mu! Mu! go the cries as that ancient land rises from the dark ocean water, tall silver spires penetrating like missiles from the sea and rising, rising, into the air of a world that had forgotten their greatness.

Once they had ruled half the world, and fought Atlantis for nuclear supremacy, and reached to the stars in needle-shaped spaceships. There is a ruined a city on Venus: it is a remnant of Mu. There are broken domes on Mars; they, too, are remains of Mu’s once-greatness.

But the war with the Atlantids had taken its toll, and in the final desperate strike of that war neither could live, and once-great Mu sank into the waves. For aeons its people had lived underwater in their last refuges, dark caves in the depths of the sea, living little better than fishes.

But now Mu rises again, and with it rise the cries, dark against a field of stars that had once known its dominion.

Moo, moo, go the cows in a fearful neigh, and Mu! Mu! rise the cries, as men look out to sea, where the past rises to dominate them once more.

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