Beautiful Blackbird - Archieved Post

June 1, 2012 - 12:53 pm No Comments

Author: Chuck Wendig

Publisher: Angry Robot

Page count/Size: 416pp

Release date: 3rd May 2012

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

Miriam is not a happy soul; after all, her purpose in life is to be there to witness the deaths of many strangers.

Posing as a hooker, she picks upDel, watching him die as she predicts and taking advantage if his death after he fact, by rooting through his belongings, for with a simple touch, Miriam can see the death of anyone.

Miriam unfortunately finds herself involved with a gang and the evil Ingersoll, who want to use Miriam’s gift for their own financial gains.

Blackbirds, we are told, are psychopomps; birds that help ‘shuttle souls from the world of the living to the world of the dead’. A fit description for Miriam then.

Miriam has a jaded view of life, but a wonderfully wry sense of humour and a strong presence in the novel. The structure frames the story to good effect, switching from Miriam’s Interview with the Vampire style chats with a young reporter interspersed with her memories and narration of past events.

It is macabre, gruesome, enchanting and poetic. Filled with startlingly vivid imagery, Wendig has created a masterpiece of modern urban fantasy weaved with horror. This is a must read book.

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