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It is with great pleasure Anarchy Books announce a special collaboration with Angry Robot Books!! From this day forward, The Robot Trading Co. (est.2012) will carry certain Anarchy titles on its illustrious site for your perusal and e-reading pleasure. We’re thrilled to be in the first push of what can only be described as support by a mainstream publisher for indie publishers.

Angry Robot’s Darren Turpin said, “Where’s the champion of the independent genre ebook publishers? Where’s the specialist genre ebook store that’s run by fans for fans, with a mission to boldly seek out new suppliers, new sources of top-notch genre ebooks and bring them to the attention of a genre audience that’s always hungry for new reading material, without opening the floodgates to all and sundry? “ … “We’re therefore delighted to announce that as of right now, as well as stocking every single Angry Robot ebook and a whole bunch of short stories by Angry Robot authors, the Robot Trading Company is also offering a range of ebooks from fellow independent publishing houses Anarchy Books and Infinity Plus Books.”

Anarchy Book’s Andy Remic said, “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Angry Robot Books on this project. Angry Robot are very well respected in the industry, have recently been expanding with various exciting new imprints, and are a superb representative of digital titles in general. It’s brilliant they support indie book publishers!”

Anarchy titles being offered at the outset are:

A Jar of Wasps by Luis Villazon
Fynoderee by Alexander Caine Duncan
Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon
SIM by Andy Remic
The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen


The Black Seas of Infinity by Dan Henk.

You can visit The Robot Trading Company at:

And visit Anarchy Books at:

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