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Strippers Vs Werewolves
Starring: Adele Silva, Billy Murray
Release date: May 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

It should have been good; oh how it should have been good. But something went wrong with an amazing concept.

Strippers Vs Werewolves just think about it, pure pulp waiting to happen. And with a cracking script, which it is, I bet the cast, producers and director thought they were on to a good thing.

Adele Silva plays stripper Justice, a.k.a Lucy, who gets into a sticky situation when Martin Kemp in a brief cameo as a werewolf, attacks her as she dances for him. Desperate to defend herself, she grabs her nearest weapon, a silver pen, and stabs it through Kemp’s eye killing him instantly.

Of course that leaves a body, which needs to be got rid of. So, the club manager played by Sara Douglas (Superman II), instructs bodyguard Franklin to help Justice carry the body and store it in the car boot. As bad luck would have it, head of the Werewolf clan played by Billy Murray (The Bill), comes across the hastily hidden body. Mayhem ensues as a war is started between strippers and werewolves.

See? Cracking script and a concept that’s wild and funny. So what went wrong?
The FX is particularly dodgy; these are the worst werewolf representations I have seen since the cutesy dog in The Howling. The acting is really not much cop. In fact, the werewolves in particular deliver painful performances. The comic panels used to split scenes doesn’t work, the jokes fall flat despite a stellar script and the 80s pop mix soundtrack grates on the nerves. On top of that the direction is poor.

Overall, this comes across like a bad Guy Ritchie film with a large helping of horror clichés. The only thing worth noting, and the best thing about the film, is a fun cameo from Robert England (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Such a shame . . . such a crying shame.

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