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April 19, 2012 - 8:06 pm No Comments

Giant Thief
Author: David Tallerman
Publisher: Angry Robot
Page count: 384pp
Release date: 2nd Feb 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Easie Damasco is a thief; a rogue and a crafty sod. He is due to be hanged for stealing food, one of his minor misdemeanours, when he is made a better offer. Moaradrid is at war with the Castovalians, and Moaradrid needs ‘volunteers’ for his army. In the midst of battle, Saltlick’s current ‘master’ dies and Easie is left in charge of a giant called Saltlick. Seeing an opportunity, Easie offers the giant a chance of freedom and off they run. Intent on finding a little gold for their journey, Easie unwittingly steals something of much more value. Thus begins a novel of adventure and chases as Easie Damasco and Saltlick join forces with Mayor Estrada against Moaradrid.

The plot isn’t the most original, the stolen item is a bit of a macguffin for the adventures that follow; however, the adventures that follow are top notch and great fun. What makes the novel so much fun is the varied interesting characters that are weaved throughout the narrative. Easie himself goes through a personal journey from scoundrel to saviour, as he finds himself thinking moral thoughts and starting to question his own chequered past. Mayor Estrada is a strong female character that takes no prisoners when it comes to her mission to protect her people. Moaradrid is suitably villainous and Saltlick is the epitome of the gentle giant.

With more cart and two legged chases than I’ve seen in recent fantasy novels, a pace that rattles along and a healthy helping of humour throughout, Giant Thief (Angry Robot) is worth every penny.

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