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Apr 24, 2012 - 11:20 am 1 Comment

Abomination Magazine: Issue 1
Author: (Ed) Corey J Goldberg, Cab Tran
Publisher: Abomination Magazine
File Size: 653KB (92 pages estimated)
Release date: 16th April 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Abomination is a brand new online horror/genre magazine, featuring short stories, poetry, art work and a Lovecraftian comic strip.

It’s a nice debut and kudos to this team for bringing a new horror product into the arena.
The first story ‘Burning like Dead Skin’ by William J Fedigan is strangely poetic and tightly paced. ‘Selection’ by W B Stickel, is an exploration of the Nazi occupation and the persecution of the Jews. Rezdon, receives a mysterious visitor in Paraguay who appears to know all of history including his real name. Rezdon has no choice but to take a train journey with his visitor and face his demons. ‘Whispers in the Skin Garden’ by Matthew S Dent features a garden where skin is grown for grafts. This is a rather creepy tale as follow the gardener through his duties. ‘The Bird’ by Tyler Miller is a witty piece about Miguel, a local who is ostracised when he tells the town about the giant bird he saw, that killed his brother. The town’s people do not believe him of course and his wife begins to doubt him too. There are plenty of giggles in this one. ‘In the Name of the Mother’ by Steve Lowe, is perhaps the most complex piece of all the short stories. Maggie is a special child; at just seven years old her appearance is that of a thirty year old woman and she is heavily pregnant with a litter. She has been taken by the men of the town and is afraid of all men believing them liars. But what are their motives in taking her? It is a dark post apocalyptic story that reminds me of ‘Planet of the Apes’ and is an uncomfortable read.

I had a few issues with this magazine, which I believe are technical problems relating to the kindle; these being that I could not read the comic strip no matter how much I enlarged the font size and the art work was difficult to view too. If anyone has a solution, please contact me.

My other concern is the lack of female representation in the magazine, which I hope is addressed as more submissions are sent their way.
However, this is a good solid magazine that at only £1.30 is worth every penny, if only for the short stories and poetry. I expect good things from this magazine and look forward to issue 2 in July 2012.

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