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Autumn: Disintegration
Author: David Moody
Publisher: Gollancz
Page count: 358pp
Release date: 29th Dec 2011
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

The fourth Autumn and penultimate novel in the series, Autumn Disintegration begins two months after the initial outbreak charted in Autumn, the first book of the series.
The dead are beginning to change; to become self aware even as their bodies are disintegrating around them. As the flesh collapses, the mind of these zombies rejects its current state. They have begun to fight in packs, attacking the survivors. Old distractions to occupy the zombies are no longer working.

This novel brings together two groups of survivors; one group demonstrating careful restraint and hiding in the quiet dark, another group intent on loudly and violently destroying every body they encounter. When circumstances bring the two diverse groups of survivors together, all hell breaks loose.

Considering this is the fourth novel in the series and the fact that we are still only on the cusp of winter, a mere two months into the series, Moody manages to retain the tension of the first novel whilst still expanding on his universe. The characters are engaging, the plot is tightly constructed, and the action unfolds at a taut pace. Moody has again delivered a tour-de-force in the genre and I am on tender hooks to see how the fifth book, Autumn Aftermath, unfolds.

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  1. Catie Says:

    I just finished this book! Excellent and very accurate review!! Mr. Moody manages to continually draw me in with his keen insight into the human psyche. Can’t wait to read Autumn Aftermath!!

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