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Dead Harvest (Angry Robot)
Author: Chris F Holm
Publisher: Angry Robot
Page count: 416pp
Release date: 1st March 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Book one in The Collector series, Dead Harvest (Angry Robot) is a noir style supernatural thriller that puts a new riff on the ‘soul collector/death’ trope.

Sam Thornton is a Collector, who, as he puts it “I collect scum. The souls of the damned to be precise”. And Sam is good at his job. Until he is sent on a routine ‘collection’ to collect teenager Kate MacNeil, who has slaughtered her family. Or has she? For once, Sam is unable to follow through on his job because the soul he tries to take is untainted and pure. So if Kate didn’t murder her family, then who or what did?

Acting on instinct, Sam kidnaps Kate from Belle Vue Hospital intent on finding out exactly who or what killed the MacNeils. But there are those who want Kates’ soul taken regardless of her apparent innocence.

Written in the first person from Sam’s point of view, the tone is similar to Mike Carey’s Felix Castor novels. The narrative is strong and fast paced and as Sam is the narrator we get insights into his past and the decisions he has made. The relationship that builds between Kate & Sam is both touching and funny, adding depth to an otherwise action packed novel.

Angry Robot has again released another corker of a novel and I eagerly await book two in The Collector series. This is quite simply, dead good!

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