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January 25, 2012 - 1:51 am No Comments

Author: Matt Forbeck
Publisher: Angry Robot
Page count: 416pp
Release date: 1st March 2012
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . . . something lurks below.

The infamous Titanic is sinking. As the survivors swim or float in the black icy waters of the Atlantic ocean striving to live, vampires wait beside them, picking off prey one by one, feasting on the floating blood buffet. These vampires are but a few rebels amongst the nest of vampires currently hiding aboard the Carpathia, a fellow ship sent to save as many people as possible from the remains of the Titanic.

As Brody the instigator encourages his people to feast, Dushko Dragomir, ensconced on the Carpathia, leader of the nest, fights to bring his people to the old country where they can hide and live in vampiric peace.

As the crew of the Carpathia rescue survivors we meet three friends, Lucy, Abe and Quin, (named with a specific nod towards Bram Stoker’s Dracula), stuck in the middle of a love triangle as they fight to destroy the evil that hunts the passengers on the Carpathia.

Part historical drama, part romance, part adventure, Carpathia revamps (groan) the vampire genre and there are absolutely no sparkles in sight. Laced with wit, irony and gallows humour, this novel boasts a decent amount of blood and guts, a large dose of humour as mentioned and a dash of romance. The chapters are short and sweet aiding pace and the characters are well drawn.

Added to this is the plight of the passengers from the Titanic as the unsinkable ship does indeed sink, which is brought vividly to life with a sense of historical accuracy.

Though a tad melodramatic at times, it reads like a 1920s pulp adventure and can easily be devoured in one sitting. If you are looking for an intense or grim read, look elsewhere. This novel is a hoot and tremendous fun. Definitely worth checking out!

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